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Genre: Nature Key Mechanic: Tableau builder Play Style: Hand Management
Play Count:
1 - 2 Play Time: 45 Minutes Age: 12+

combines deck building, tableau building, resource management and multi-use cards to take over a land dominated by Dinosaurs.  Playing Solo or against each other, control people who must fight off Dinosaurs and conquer the promised land of Dinoblivion. Develop a long-term strategy and find the best combinations between cards to become the most glorious clan!

Dinoblivion is based the Original universe where Humans and Dinosaurs coexist and greatly inspired by Terraforming Mars, Magic the Gathering and Goblivion. The game has both a solo and two-player mode, and is highly replayable.

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Publisher: Goblivion Games Publication: First Edition Weight: 900g
Release Date:
August 2020
English Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 6cm