Growl: 200 Plastic Card Sleeves


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Genre: Party Game Key Mechanic: Player Elimination, Bluffing Play Style: Accessory
Play Count:
4 - 10 Play Time: 10 - 15 Minutes Age: 10+

Growl: 200 Plastic Card Sleeves 
provides enough to sleeve all the cards in the main deck and all 4 expansions. There are even bonus sleeves for players to add some cards for playing higher player counts.

Growl: 200 Plastic Card Sleeves

  • 140 Growl “cursed idol” backs
  • 30 Spells backs - cards with spells icons (the blue shield) should be sleeved with the Spells back (except 2 Night Cards)
  • 10 Night backs
  • 10 Final Night backs
  • 10 Undead backs - for the 7 Sins + Undead expansions

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Publisher: Vigour Games Publication: First Edition Weight: 240g
Release Date:
December 2020 Language:
English Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 7cm