Swords & Sails Extra Units Orange


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Genre: Historical Key Mechanic: Accessory Play Style:  Combat  
Play Count:
2 - 7 Play Time: 90+ Minutes Age: 13+

Sword & Sails Extra Units Orange
 includes a mix of 40 double sided Army & Fleet units needed for the Non-Quick Advanced Combat for Add On minor players. Enough Army and Fleet Units for one Add On Player.

Swords & Sails is an epic conquest and diplomacy game about leading your armies and fleets through medieval Europe in 1000 AD. Muster armies and assemble fleets, build more cities, make and break alliances, spy on your opponents, and go to war to conquer all of Europe.

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 Publisher: VR Games Publication: First Edition Weight: 40g
Release Date:
2019 Language:
English Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 3cm