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Genre: Modern Key Mechanic: Push Your Luck Play Style:  Social 
Play Count:
2 - 7
Play Time: 20 - 30 Minutes Age: 14+

Tokyo Jidohanbaiki
 is a game about Japanese vending machines and drinks! Utilizing exquisite, tactile components, this title includes over 20 unique 5-15 minute games from various guest designers across the globe. With a huge range of game types and flavors (deduction, dexterity, economic, etc), this game is perfect for any setting or player count!

Tokyo Jidohanbaiki includes:

  • 1 miniature vending machine tower
  • 36 miniature drinks: 6 shapes & 6 colors
  • 6 miniature yellow crates
  • 12 mini sized cards
  • 59 die cut yen chits
  • 6 double sided vending machine ad signs
  • 2 drink label sticker sheets

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 Publisher: Jordan Draper Games Publication: First Edition Weight: 660g
Release Date:
2018 Language:
English/Japanese Dimensions: 10 x 16.5 x 4.5cm