Venom Assault Deck-building Game - Villains and Valor Expansion

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VENOM Assault: Villains & Valour is set in 2065 and players can now add all new VENOM Leaders and Support Cards to the game that bring the new Failed Combat mechanic into play. Players must be more careful about charging into battle or risk losing cards from their hands. New Freedom Squadron Soldiers bring along the Teamwork ability that allows them to be played out of turn to bolster the active player or they can be held in reserve to boost your own turn. Brand new Event Cards can be used to create a different event deck every game and feature all-new Dual Event Cards and Enhanced VENOM Strikes to bring an even greater challenge to the game.

VENOM Assault: Villains & Valour requires a copy of Venom Assault Base Game to play. 

Player Count: 1-5

Play time: 60 - 120 Minutes

Age rating: 13+