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Genre: Fantasy Key Mechanic: Cards (Tarot Deck) Play Style: RPG
Play Count:
3 Play Time: Varies Age: -

Wickedness is  a narrative fantasy RPG tabletop game written for exactly three players. Based in a sleepy kingdom on the cusp of disaster, players will form a coven between three mystical archetypes. Played in three acts with one tarot deck, no dice and no GM, players will create the world where they live, and the underworld's strange laws and denizens. The three guardians who can save everything will face their ultimate fates, determining the future of the kingdom, the underworld, and the art of magic itself — if they can stop squabbling long enough.

Wickedness includes three 8.5 x 5.5" (216 x 140mm) 52 page colour books with gilded covers and uses a bespoke tarot-drawing system.

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Publisher: Possum Creek Games Publication: First Edition Weight: 1000g
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TBC Language:
English Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 1cm