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Genre: Nature Key Mechanic: Resource Management Play Style: Area Control, Set Collection
Play Count:
1 - 4 Play Time: 30 - 120 Minutes Age: 14+

Wild: Serengeti is a puzzle solving board game with elements of set-collection and engine-building. Produce the greatest wildlife documentary of all time and discover a wide range of animals that inhabit the Serengeti. On each turn a player will perform an action to discover or move an animal, placing the animals on the map to create the same pattern shown on the players scene cards. Players will win victory points when a scene card has been completed. The animals are constantly on the move and players will need to use their time and resources efficiently to capture the documentary of a lifetime. 

Wild: Serengeti is inspired by the endless plains of Serengeti, Wild: Serengeti includes mesmerizing art work, 168 Scene Cards, 3D components, and presents a fresh, re-playable experience for every game. Includes solo mode. Wild: Serengeti is the third Kickstarter Campaign from Bad Comet and was backed by nearly 5000 backers.

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Publisher: Bad Comet Publication: First Edition Weight: 2000g
Release Date:
May 2022 Language:
English Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 7cm