Gamefound Unearthed: November 2023

Gamefound Unearthed: November 2023

Hello all, and welcome to the first edition of Gamefound Unearthed, where we look into the best current and upcoming Gamefound projects in the gaming community. If you are looking for a brand-new adventure for yourself and your players, keep on reading. 


Ending Soon

DreamEscape // BadCat Games

Trapped in a nightmare, your mind shattered, can you awake and escape from Great Cthulhu as you venture across the Dreamlands

With over 7,000 unique outcomes, 6 characters and 100 hours of gameplay, DreamEscape is a survival horror roleplaying experience for 1 or 2 players. Cthulhu has escaped his tomb and ventured out into the Dreamlands. A card-driven concept ensures that every choice you make matters as you develop your abilities, find equipment and rare items, and unearth mysterious artefacts to escape the waking nightmare you find yourself trapped in. But be careful, lest you draw the attention of Cthulhu, and his tentacles seek you out before you can awake.. and escape. And look out for the secret story paths!

Ending on Gamefound: 16th November 2023 


Coming Soon
Halloween Night

Halloween Night: A FFRPG Murder Mystery // MysteryAdventureGames

Will you survive an evening in the castle? Solve the murder mystery, but that's not all you will need to do.


A project for 12-24 players, Halloween Night is a player-driven role-playing experience that is full of intrigue, deception.. and death. And each time you play it, it will be different, so whether you play with the same friends or new ones, there will always be surprises. No prescripted outcomes - How you all roleplay your characters will shape the experience AND the ending!

With a range of opportunities for backers to not just play the game, but be part of it, MAG are confident it will not just be fun, but spookily enjoyable for all, with lots of replayability, even if it isn't Halloween!


Launches on Gamefound: Coming Soon



Amrtaka -The Battle For Immortality

Amrtaka - The Battle for Immortality // Undertree Games

Amrtaka - The Battle for Immortality // Undertree Games

Will you be the magical warrior that successfully wins the magical potion known only as Amrtaka?

Designed for 2-4 players, Amrtaka makes you the ruler of a small kingdom that seeks to conquer the rest of the islands in this far-off world, to achieve prosperity and immortality for their people, and to find eternal life through Amrtaka.

Launches on Gamefound: Coming Soon



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