Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is your store?

Answer :
Unfortunately, we do not have retail premises. Our Head Office is an active warehouse, and we are not able to accommodate customers looking to browse stock.

How and when can I raise a CS ticket?

Answer :
For damages, missing items, or missing parts, please contact our customer service team here.

Please don't contact CS for an update on a project - that information will be available in our weekly fulfilment blog which can be located here.

Can I collect my order?

Answer :
Unfortunately not. As we do not have a retail storefront and operate out of an active warehouse, we cannot ensure the safety of visitors to our site.

How do I get an update on the progress of my order?

For the latest fulfilment updates, please see our fulfilment blog here.

If you are awaiting an order, a notification email will be sent once your order has been dispatched and scanned into the courier's system.

Does GamesQuest only offer logistical advice for my campaign?

Answer :
No, we offer advice on all the critical aspects of how to succeed with your campaign.

Please contact for further information.

Should I engage with GamesQuest prior to my crowd funding campaign?

Answer :
We recommend early engagement, yes. A logistics strategy before you launch can be crucial factor in your success or failure.

Would you be interested in purchasing my products to sell on your website?

Answer :
We are a specialist retailer focusing on the latest and greatest board games and associated products brought to the market through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, and Gamefound. If you are looking for fulfilment solutions for a product you are about to launch, or have recently launched, please reach out to: and we can discuss post fulfilment sales options with you for this, or any previous products you have created.

I am trading at a convention in the UK, and I need to get my stock to the event, can you help?

Answer :
Yes. For support in the movement of your goods please contact:

I would like to trade at a convention in the UK, but not UK VAT registered. What do I do?

Answer :
We are able to act as a VAT agent to assist you selling in the UK. For more information please contact:

I would like my game to have a presence at a convention in the UK, but I'm not able attend. How can you help?

Answer :
Please contact our events team at for further information on how we can assist you.