GamesQuestions Ep.24 // 12.01.2023
Jan 2023

Hello! Welcome back to another episode of GamesQuestions! Thank you to everyone who left a comment this week.

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  • 12 Jan 2023 Mick

    Hello, Pirate Borg orders are being fulfilled by GamesQuest UK. Have you any idea as to when you will commence with the shipping of the orders? Thanks.

  • 12 Jan 2023 Disappointed

    So are you telling us, 2 months after you received the playmats and boxes, you still haven’t figured out how to send out the EU? I understand delays, I understand mistakes. But now, I am simply disappointed.

  • 12 Jan 2023 Craig

    Thank you for the video you covered my question on Star Realms ‘preparing for fulfillment’ but did not mention Kapow. Could you please clarify the status.

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