GamesQuestions Ep.31 // 09.03.2023

GamesQuestions Ep.31 // 09.03.2023

Hello! Welcome back to another episode of GamesQuestions! Thank you to everyone who left a comment this week. 

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Hello, Forbidden Games did their Mosaic Wars and Disasters Expansion kickstarter campaign in November. One of the pledges was the core Colossus (ie deluxe) game which they said were already at the hubs and would be sent out immediately after the campaign ends. Forwards to early March and they said in kickstarter update 12 that there were unexpected delays but that UK shipping would begin later ‘this week’ This being the week ending 10th March. Two people asked who will be doing this fulfillment and the answer was GameQuest. However your blogs don’t mention it and nobody in UK has yet received any shipping notifications. What is the status of fulfillment for Mosaic Core Colossus Game

Michael Warnock

Hi, how will you be updating Binding of Isaac: Requiem because as far as we have been told, UK English copies are expected to start shipping on the 14th March, but then there’s localised copies that aren’t going to be shipping for a couple months. So I guess my question is will you be updating it separately/worst case/best case?


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