GamesQuestions Ep.34 // 30.03.2023
Mar 2023

Hello! Welcome back to another episode of GamesQuestions! Thank you to everyone who left a comment this week. 

Fulfilment Update Headings - What do they mean? If you would like further information about what's involved in each stage of fulfilment please click here:


  • 30 Mar 2023 Jason

    A number of UK backers of KAPOW! only receiving half the pledge (See kickstarter comments
    Can you confirm on next update if this is a split shipment for Vol 1 and Vol 2?

  • 30 Mar 2023 Gregg

    Is there any news on Seas of Havoc? Rock Manor Games gave out the container ship info (APL MERLION) and said you were handling fulfilment but the game has never appeared on the blog, even in the ‘Project On The Water’ or ‘Awaiting Project Arrival From Port’ stages. As far as I can tell, it arrived in Southampton on 28th March so maybe this will clear up once it leaves customs?

  • 30 Mar 2023 Lasse

    No update for vindication?

  • 30 Mar 2023 Matt

    Thank you for giving a Final Girl update.

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