GamesQuestions Ep.39 // 11.05.2023

GamesQuestions Ep.39 // 11.05.2023

Hello! Welcome back to another episode of GamesQuestions! Thank you to everyone who left a comment this week. 


Fulfilment Update Headings - What do they mean? If you would like further information about what's involved in each stage of fulfilment please click here:


The Binding of Isaac Kickstarter Update: Click here


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Why is it so hard for you people to send dispatch notifications and tracking informations per email? I am waiting for “The Isofarian Guard” which you supoosedly have all sent out allready and I have no means of knowing how or when delivery will happen.

Judging from the TiG discord, many people share this problem.


Does the update on Vampire the Masquerade apply to both EU and UK/RoW fulfilment? It was only mentioned under the EU section.


Thanks for quick reply, good to hear it’s been a long wait for this game so hyped!

Roger Meardon

Thank you for nice comments and feedback! It’s appreciated.

Rodger, we can confirm that The Isofarian Guard is now underway. :)


Hi has Isofarian guard actually started fulfilment or are we in a queue? Will we start seeing games this week or after other games have shipped. Thanks

Roger Meardon

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