GamesQuestions Ep.40 // 19.05.2023

GamesQuestions Ep.40 // 19.05.2023

Hello! Welcome back to another episode of GamesQuestions! Thank you to everyone who left a comment this week. 


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I guess they worked through their backlog and haven’t even started getting serious with VTM but are rather procrastinating, puzzled how to package all those parcels. I mean it’s difficult for sure, I would be puzzled as well to manage such a task but then again I also don’t run a company taking money for that.

@GamesQuest have you heard about a thing called “project management”? It offers a lot of helpful frameworks to manage projects and streamline processes. It’s very helpful to plan ahead and make realistic capacity planning. You can find quite a few good and free online tutorials for it or you could hire some consultants that help you to set up the right processes and frameworks.

Seriously annoyed vtm chapters Backer X

In the previous video you said the packaging for VTM was finished. In this video it strongly seems like you are not even knowing what to do with all the stuffs you received from Flyos on a pure logistical level. How this is even possible at this stage? All VTM backers deserve AT THE VERY LEAST a 40.5 GameQuestions video with a robust and honest explaination of what’s going on ASAP

Seriously Puzzled VTM Backer

Do you read comments at all gamesquest or are we all just wasting our time?


Soooo let me get this straight… in the last update you said and I quote “VtM’s packaging is done and will move to final admin checks”.. Now, even the packaging isn’t done… this is beyond beyond unnerving. This is my first time experiencing anything like this. 6weeks sitting in a warehouse, when it took a boat from China to the UK around 4…. I mean c’mon… I know that this is a complex and big project, but you guys need to step up your game! at the very least I just hope that everything arrives without issues… because if there are issues then get ready for the most epic backlash from the UK/EU community that backed VtM..


I don’t understand how a friend of mine who lives about 5 minutes drive away has their copy of beast but I’m still waiting a full month later. It’s incredible because DPD have told me they’re still waiting for you to give them the parcel. Also 15 days for customer services? Try again. That’s been nearly 20 without a response! Come on guys!


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