GamesQuestions Ep.41 // 26.05.2023

GamesQuestions Ep.41 // 26.05.2023

Hello! Welcome back to another episode of GamesQuestions! Thank you to everyone who left a comment this week. 


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What an absolutely terrible video, you could play bad YouTube apology bingo with it; the long sighs, the blaming everyone but yourselves, taking no actual responsibility, the thinly veiled threat of cancelling the blog.

You are a company if you cannot take criticism then why are you in business, people have a right to vent frustration when they perceive that you are not carrying out you primary function as a business, if you don’t learn from your shortcoming’s mistakes and burry your head in the sand you are doomed to failure as a business. You need to separate being a business from personal feelings.

Looking at some of the points you raised: The “end users are not your customers” quote; you are essentially hiding behind a technicality that if anything goes wrong it is the relationship between the end user and retailer that takes precedent especially when claiming for compensation. What you are failing to grasp is that you are the subcontractor of that retailer and have a customer facing role in ensuring the logistics of moving the product on the last stages of its journey, if the retailer is stating one version of information against a measurable metric of length of time you have held the product, then it is quite easy to see why people are holding you responsible for the delays.

Personal Attacks: I have had a look through the old comments and cannot find anyone being called out by name if they was in the past and these have been deleted them please accept my apology. All i can see is people criticising certain aspects of your business, as well as you alluding to people saying things such as your staff are lazy. These are not personal attacks but criticism on how people perceive your business to be operating, you framing such statements as personal is only to drive a sympathetic response, where most people would look at what was being said about their business and try and see if there was a learning experience for improvement.

The thinly veiled threat of stopping the blog: have a look at Spiral Galaxy Games for good communication; things such as delivering too many bones currently, they have taken on extra staff, are delivering projects in parallel, are filling the orders they can whilst waiting on more containers arriving, they are interacting with their customers via facebook etc and keeping people upto date whilst not blaming the retailer.


Thank you for putting out this video, though I’m sad you had to. It’s obvious that you’ve been personally impacted by the criticism and I absolutely wouldn’t blame you for pulling the blog/comments entirely. I hope you don’t, because I find it incredibly helpful, but go for it if it makes your lives more pleasant. Crowd funded board games are the biggest luxury purchase in a luxury industry, and no one needs them by a set date. Frustration is understandable, but actively looking to hurt the people trying to get them to you is almost comically stupid and totally counterproductive. There are people who appreciate the job you do; they are just generally less likely to feel the need to post about it. I went to leave a 5 star review on Google, but it turns out I already have apparently…

Nick McKeon

Remember that you are always seeing the most passionate people in the comments. There are probably a lot more like me, who read your blogs and watch your videos and gets comforted by the fact that we at least know what is going on and that I will get my game eventually ❤️ We don’t usually comment, because there really isn’t much to comment on 🤷 But we are here too, even if you don’t hear from us 🙂


Wow despite the video, and the very obvious, if we don’t deliver we don’t get paid, people are still salty.

I am surprised there is any tinfoil left in the world with the comments here in the last few weeks. Also probably a shortage of armchairs for all these new experts as well.

I have backed a lot of KS projects, over 200 and GQ have been fulfilment for many of them. I get the email, then a few days later I get the package.

The problem now is so many projects are woefully delayed, and the creators are a little vague on the reasons, or perhaps as they don’t work in shipping they have zero clue very much like these negative commentators.

Flyos had to do a special update to ask for mote money because it was so delayed they had spanked the money on trinkets and cakes, so it is very likely that their paperwork isn’t in order. Or maybe its perfect, but the goods still have to arrive.

Whatever the case the point is you will get it when they send it, and having it piled in a warehouse costing GQ money is not something any business would do.

Reading these comments I would consider GQ should shut the doors so you don’t know anything, however, as I have said before, I belive this open transparency is best for us backers and another avenue for information as most creators “fire and forget” and are onto their next project, with barely any time for oldmprojects they consider completed…



I posted this exact same thing regarding the FLYOS update on the KS page in my comment on the YT video.. as suspected this reeks of project mismanagement… what makes this sting even more is that GamesQuest is painting themselves as the “victims” here. Just hone up to that you guys are late… this wasn’t managed properly and that it took a whole lot longer than you hoped, due to either not having enough staff, too much work, not being able to manage multiple fulfilments at once, or a combination of all 3…

I am sorry but due to excuse after excuse and 0 congruency between them, I find it terribly hard to be by your side and apologize for my previous comments. I have read your user reviews on Trustpilot and yeah… all of those 1star reviews do track… And no they aren’t due to the previous user comment to “1star review into oblivion” since alot of these reviews were previous to that one…. I wanted so badly to also back the Werewolf the Apocalypse game from FLYOS but if they rely on GamesQuest for their fulfilment I can’t do it… And I wont be backing any other project that uses GQ as their UK/EU fulfilment service… this has soured your reputation tremendously and I sincerely hope that other projects are paying attention to the way this has been handled… When you have a project being delivered in the US/Canada, Australia and UK/EU and only one of those fulfilment companies are having issues… that says it all right there.

Also I can’t believe the timing of this that you won’t be able to post either updates or gamesquestions this week due to the UK gameshow… if only in this day and age there would be a way to get information out or update statuses remotely… bogles the mind…


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