Kickstarter Inbound: 08/08/22

Kickstarter Inbound: 08/08/22

Hey there folks and happy Monday! Apologies this is a little late, but these things occasionally happen. So then, what's going on on the world? Well, as it turns out, a whole bunch of stuff. We hope all you lucky ferrets that spent the weekend at GenCon had an amazing time. We're sad to have missed that one this year. Here in the UK, we've been enjoying the now annual complaining about a heatwave, which will no doubt turn into complaints about rain when it inevitably hammers down any minute, but hey! We love a moan (apparently). However, what better way to take the mind away from the melting and the start of a new work week, than getting excited for what's coming up on Kickstarter?!

Launching Soon

Drakar och Demoner / Dragonbane // Free League

The original Scandinavian tabletop RPG reimagined 40 years after its original launch – for the first time also in English.

You are always in good hands when Free League is involved with a Kickstarter project. This is a fact.

Bringing with them many years of fantastic game design and replayability, plus the Vaesen like art design, I can't wait for Sweden's first RPG to make it's English language debut.

Ends: Tuesday 30th August


REDWOOD // Sit Down!

Estimate the distances; Choose the right objective; Photograph the animals to compose your panorama. An innovative and demanding game!

I'll be entirely honest, I don't know too much about REDWOOD. However, it is genuinely refreshing (sometimes) to find a Kickstarter game that is not based, in some degree, on killing goblins and saving the kingdom. 

Don't get me wrong, I love that, but a game that encourages love of great outdoors and photography, and one with such fantastic artwork and from a company with renowned for great design, it is a real refreshing.

Launches: 4th Quarter of 2022



Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall // Incredible Dream Studios

In Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall you and your team take on the roles of Seekers, a team of adventurers fighting to protect the city of Din'Lux from a world-altering phenomenon called The Darkness. The choices you make affect everything from the route you take, to the way you level up, to the very fate of Atios itself.

Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall comes to us from the creators of DescentThe Witcher 3 and Aance: League of Legends. So, in my opinion, it is basically impossible to not be excited for this game based on who's involved alone. 

Launches: Tuesday 9th August



Dune: War for Arrakis // CMON

Choose your side in the war between Atreides and Harkonnen. Muster your forces and employ your unique strategies to rule over Arrakis.

I arrived very late at the Dune party. Like a lot of people, I knew nothing until the movie and yes, I'm aware this makes me not very cool. However, I did then go and read the first novel and have played (most) of Dune: Imperium

I am now fully invested in this world of war and big ol' worms, and with a power house like CMON steering the ship, it's hard not to get excited.

Launches: Soon


Pest // Archona Games

Our once great Empire was struck by a devastating plague… Will you answer the call to save it?  Once standing tall and great, we now need to rediscover and rebuild our fallen cities. There are still survivors among the ruins – we must take them in our care and cure them

I love this concept and could it come at a more profound time? The artistry and imagery look fantastic (check the Archona Games Instagram out!), and the amount and variety of stretch goals really gives this Kickstarter campaign real weight.  

Launches: 4th Quarter of 2022


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