Kickstarter Inbound: 09.05.2023

Kickstarter Inbound: 09.05.2023

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstarter Inbound!

We are back with the difficult task of only picking a hand full of Kickstarter campaigns to highlight. With so many different worlds to explore, each month never gets easier! I've also noticed that there seems to be a lot of video games being turned into board games recently, which is super exciting!  But don't worry, I've only allowed myself to include one on this list. However, Monster Hunter did nearly make the list.. Maybe next time! 

As always, we would love to know what games you are looking forward to, so please let us know in the comments so we can check them out!

Live Now

Weirdwood Manor // Greyridge Games

A 1 to 5 player co-op adventure of strategy and time, battling evil monsters and minions within an ever-shifting magical manor.

Did someone say time travel? If you are a fan of strategic, asymmetrically board games, Weirdwood Manor is the game to check out! Players will work together to battle against time to defend against the forces of darkness.

If you are a regular on social media I'm sure you will have seen Weirdwood Manor doing the rounds. What first caught my eye was the ever shifting board. There is a lot of components included and the visuals really drum up the atmosphere and aid in creating the wonderful and magical world of Weirdwood.


They Live: The Card Game - Save the City/Enslace The City // Iconiq Studios 

A fast-paced 3-6 player game based on the John Carpenter movie. Gather resources, capture the city, and expose hidden Invaders!

Iconiq Studios are back and bringing the cult classic movie, They Live to the table for round 2! Just like the movie, not everyone is who they say they are...

Bluffing games have given me some of my favorite memories and are always a top pick when gathering with friends. Who will you trick and betray and who will betray you? But I'm sure we can all agree can never trust the quiet ones!


Launching Soon

Apex Legends™: The Board Game // Glass Cannon Unplugged

The official licensed Apex Legends™: Board Game. Highly competitive, strategic, team vs. team miniatures board game for 2-4 players.

Now as a PC gamer myself, I’ve shared a few hours of my time playing Apex Legends, especially back in 2019. Successfully? Well, there’s no need to delve into that.

I’m extremely curious how the battle royale will translate onto the board and will be eagerly awaiting more news.

Launches: May 17th 2023



Into the Godsgrave // Lucky Duck Games

A Digital Hybrid Board Game of fate and divine resurrection.

Now I have to be honest, I’ve not yet played a Digital Hybrid Board Game - yet. However, I love the idea of the story app adjusting the campaign depending on the choices you make. It reminds me of the Fighting Fantasy role-playing gamebooks that I've read at home which were a ton of fun!

If you are after more information about Into the Godsgrave I would recommend checking out the website here. There’s a ton of information available and it has some sneak peaks of the artwork and boards that look amazing! 

Launches:16th May 2023



Cat Sushi Masters // Norby

A card-based party game for adults and children that will turn you into hungry cats ready to dive on tons of... Catilicious sushi!

Now I'm constantly searching for entertaining, fast-paced party games that both gamers and non-gamers can enjoy. Although there isn't a lot of information available for this Kickstarter just yet, judging from the topic and artwork, there should be a lot of fun to be had!

Launches: TBC 2023



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