Kickstarter Inbound: 10/02/2023

Kickstarter Inbound: 10/02/2023

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstarter Inbound in 2023! 

With so many amazing looking board games upcoming on Kickstarter, it's been a tough choice to only pick a handful that I'm excited about. As always, we are keen to see what you, the gaming community are excited for so please let us know in the comments section so we can check them out!

Kickstater Inbound:

Threads of Fate: A Puzzletale [The Tale of Ord Remastered] // Post Curious

Embark on a journey through Norse mythology and solve puzzles to unravel the secrets of fate and time.

Threads of Fate is a remastered version of The Tale of Ord, that holds an impressive rating of 8.9 on BGG.

I've not had the chance to play The Tale of Ord, but if it's anything like Post Curious's previous games, it will look stunning. What's especially appealing about Threads of Fate, is that it's based around exploring the supernatural forces of Norse Mythology. Just like the previous Post Curious games, Threads of Fate will be filled with various puzzles as we try to unravel the secrets of fate and time.

Launches: 2023



Floe // PIKA Games

An action adventure heroic journey across the IceBerg Sea.

It seems like there will be a ton of fun to explore in this action-adventure tile placement board game. Search for treasure, fight fearsome monsters, learn skills and eat delicious kelp noodle soup! 

Floe will be the first Kickstarter game from Pika games. It includes designers from both Parks and Everdell, which only makes me even more excited to see what's in store!

Launches: March 2023



Crown of Ash // Card Noir

Become the ultimate Necromancer and take over the kingdom. 

A 1 – 4 player worker placement and area control board game.

Playing the role of a vengeful necromancer isn't something you get to do every day. Battle your enemies and rebuild a broken empire - with the help of loyal minions to do your bidding. 

So do I want to become a powerful necromancer, raise undead armies and battle for the Crown? How else could one spend their evening?

Launches: March 2023


Wanderlust: Discover the world // Pektis Studio

A 2-5 Player Racing game. Set collection / Hand management with charming illustrations that take you all over the world!

As I've said previously, I'm always on the look out for board games that I think the whole family (board gamers and non-board gamers) will enjoy. With previous successes including; Ticket to Ride, and Flamme Rouge

Wanderlust will have players travelling all around the world with the aim of being as efficient as possible, and seeing more of the world than their opponents.

It's also has a beautiful illustration style, and includes different scoring conditions that will help keep each game fresh.

Launches:  February 2023


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