Kickstarter Inbound: 25/11/22

Kickstarter Inbound: 25/11/22

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstarter Inbound. 

As always, we are keen to see what you, the gaming community are excited for so please let us know in the comment section so we can check them out!

Kickstater Inbound:

Runar // Ludus Magnus Studio

A new Viking saga set in the fantastic world of Nova Aetas

Runar is a competitive 1 – 4 player board game where each player will lead their Viking heroes and survive frozen harsh lands and dangerous creatures.

Vikings, you say? Count me in! Runar has a lot of charm about it, and the comic-styled miniatures look amazing! (I would recommend checking them out!). The campaign mode also comes with a system that will  generate new missions, which means every game will feel different.

Launches: 29th Novemeber 2022




Dungeons & Co // We Ride Games

You've been hired as a dungeon contractor to build the evillest dungeon you can to protect the evil empress' gems!

A 2 - 4 player tile placing board game that requires players to build their own dungeon.

Now this game sounds like a lot of light-hearted fun with a ton of flexibility when building your own dungeon. Will I fill it with traps? Hire bad guys to protect it? Maybe a little of both. The added element of monsters synergising adds another element which seems to allow for huge replayability.

Launches: 1st December 2022



Ecosfera - Rewilding the World // Juilbert Games

A cooperative deck-building game for 1 to 4 players. Let's rewild the world before it is too late. 

The goal of Ecosfera is to rewild the world using a combination of elements to get cards that will create different biomes. However, be careful as there are disaster cards included in the deck!

Ecosfera is an environmentally friendly game, and the first thing that caught my attention was just how beautiful the illustration designs are.

Collaboration is vital in Ecosfera and you will either win together or lose together, so if you are looking for a team collaboration game make sure to check it out!

Launches: 2023


AMONG CULTISTS [A Social Deduction Board Game Thriller] // Godot Games

4-8 investigators try to prevent a secret ritual in a University. Unfortunately, evil Cultists are already among us...

Among Cultists is a unique social deduction experience inspired by Among Us. Like many others, I hopped on the Among Us hype back in 2020 and have seen plenty of games come along trying to recreate the magic. Among Cultists has especially caught my interest and I'm keen to see how it will transfer onto the table. Just like in Among Us, there are traitors (evil Cultists) in the mix along with the mechanics of murdering in secret, lying and voting.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more information as we get closer to the launch date.


Launches: Early 2023


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