Kickstarter Inbound: 28/10/22

Happy Friday everyone! Apologies that it’s been a while since our last Kickstarter Inbound (we know we have missed a ton of cool games to share), but nevertheless, we are back!

A small team attended Spiel this year, which is always a ton of fun. Did you attend and did any of the upcoming games catch your eye? Let us know in the comment section so we can check them out!

Kickstater Inbound:

The Adventures of Tennessee James

The Adventures of Tennessee James // Variable Outcomes

Find your way to fortune and glory!

Now I’m always on the look out for a new board game that I can take to family gatherings. My family aren’t the biggest board gamers. However, every Christmas or birthday we play a few lighthearted board that I think they will enjoy.

Adventures of Tennessee James is a 1-4 player adventure board game. Find treasure! Defeat traps and get out alive! It sounds fun, right? Additionally, it comes with four game boards, which will help keep each game feeling new. And just in case you are like me and like little hijinks, it also features a mechanic that allows you to take the riches from other archaeologists.

Launches: 1st Novemeber 2022




Fate of Wicthes card game

Fate of Witches // One Bold Games

A 1 – 4 player coven building card game.

Players will need to recruit strange characters, salvage magical items from the well, and activate abilities. Are you ready to use your cauldron and even turn to the dark art of sacrificing unsuspecting villagers? All while evading capture from The Witch Hunter, hell-bent on burning every witch he meets.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of card drafting games and the aesthetic instantly caught my eye. It may currently be season of the witch, but personally I think there's always time for a little bit of witchery! Fate of Witches also includes a solo mode which is always a nice option to have, mainly so I can practice and destroy my enemies. 

Launches: March 2023



Stonesaga boardgame

Stonesega //Oommgames

A 1 – 5 player cooperative survival crafting board game set in a unique, persistent world shaped by your choices. Designed by industry veteran designers Max Brooke (Star Wars: X-Wing) and Luke Eddy (Star Wars: Legion).

So, I’m not going to lie.. My gaming collection includes a lot PVP games and sometimes it’s nice to have a game where players work together (not just to team up and destroy a player who is about to win in the next few turns).

The aspect of working together as a community and building a village together to survive in harsh conditions, with the threat of giant monsters, 100% captured my attention.

At first glance, Stonesega seems to have a lot of components with games I’ve played online, and I’m excited to find out more about how some of the game mechanics will play on the table.

Launches: 2023


Elden Ring Board Game

Elden Ring: The Board Game

Just like the video game, Elden Ring™ will immerse players in the forsaken Lands Between. In a vast, sprawling world of decaying grandeur that unfolds through their exploration, 1-4 ‘Tarnished’ players will embark on a huge and varied adventure, visiting iconic locations and crossing paths with familiar enemies and characters.

The newest campaign from Steamforge will delve into the world of Elden Ring and be a treat for the fans of the video game. It's not the first video game adaption for Steamforge, with previously successful launches including Resident Evil: The Board Game and Dark Souls: The Board Game.

Like many video game fans, I'm waiting eagerly for more information as we get closer to the launch.

Launches: 22 November 2022


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