Kickstarter Inbound: Halloween Edition 2023

Kickstarter Inbound: Halloween Edition 2023

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstarter Inbound, where things are about to get spooky! With Halloween now just round the corner, let's look at all the ghouls that are currently haunting Kickstarter, along with those yet to come. 

As always, make sure to leave any campaigns you are interested in backing in the comments section and we will check them out! Who knows, they may even end up in the next edition of Kickstarter Inbound!  

Ending Soon

The Crooked Moon: Folk Horror in 5E // Legends of Avantris

A 400+ page Folk Horror tome for 5th Edition. Brave the dark wood, beware the witching hour, and weave your own dreadful folktale.

Set in Druskenvald, in the mysterious realm trapped between dusk and the witching hour, long-forgotten Horrors stalk the deepest woods. Inspired from eerie Folklore and legendary Horror Films.

A must check out for lovers of the classic Halloween aesthetic. So the question now is... will you see what lurks within?

Ending: 1st November 2023

Now Live!

Burn the Witch // Pique Games

Paranoia and pyromania fuel this social deduction game of burn or be burned for 5-15 players.

What is that you say? A social deduction tabletop game for 5-15 players? Burn the Witch takes players back to a time in history where witch trials spread across Europe in a fiery blaze. Players are divided into 2 groups, Zealots who must use their wits and uncover the witches in the village, and the Sympathizers who must must hide in plain sight and work to turn the Zealots on each other. 

Recommend if you like games such as Werewolf and Secret Hitler.

Ends: 9th November 2023


Dracula's Curse™ - A Bloodthirsty Board Game // Retro Plus Games

Dive into darkness in Dracula's Curse: the ultimate vampire slaying board game for up to 6 players, with one as the legendary Dracula.

How could one have a Halloween themed Kickstarter Inbound and not include Dracula? Dracula's curse is a heart-pounding asymmetrical board game where the players (slayers) themselves will have to brave the ominous halls of Dracula's castle.

One player will take up the mantle of Dracula, who will manipulate the very dungeon the slayers are navigating. Players will face unspeakable foes including those they once called friendsAre you ready to find out what may lurk behind the corner? Will the hunter become the hunted?

Ends: 20th November 2023



Launching Soon

Book of Skulls: Slayers of Eragoth // CloudRunner Games

Competitive adventure board game for fans of Dungeon Crawlers, Metal Music and High Fantasy.

Book of Skulls, is the first game from Cloud Runner games who are bringing a new way to play an old school Dungeon Crawler to Kickstarter! Two teams will battle it out to both save and destroy the continent of Eragoth at the same time, as players play simultaneously play as Slayers and Demons. 

Includes 150 characters, 10 levels, and 20 battle themes!

Launches: 31st October 2023



DCeased - A Zombicide Game // CMON

Protect Earth from the Anti-Life Virus and its hosts in this epic DC Universe Zombicide game!

CMON are back with another Zombicide game! 

A universe-wide infection of the Anti-Life Virus has caused chaos and drives all those infected into a rage-state, leaving them only semi-aware of  their actions. Superheroes will face various zombie hordes, but the real threat is that of Zombie Heroes! 

Launches: Coming Soon!



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