Kickstarter Inbound: July 2023

Kickstarter Inbound: July 2023

Welcome back to another edition of Kickstarter Inbound! 

This time, we will be travelling to the Lost Tombs of Khamuntet, creating potions and so much more! Keep reading to see what adventures awaits... 

As always, we would love to know what games you are looking forward to, so please let us know in the comments so we can check them out, and possibly include them in the next edition of Kickstarter Inbound! 

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Shadows of Brimstone: Lost Tombs and The Hell Train

Shadows of Brimstone // Flying Frog Productions

Two new Shadows of Brimstone Core Game Sets: "Lost Tombs of Khamuntet" and "The Impossible Hell Train" Cooperative dungeoncrawl boardgames!

The Lost Tombs of Khamuntet allows players to take the role of a 1930's pulp adventure hero, where you will explore dark chambers of ancient tombs in the hopes of finding fortune and glory!

And don't worry, if the tombs are not the adventure for you, the Kickstarter campaign also includes a journey on the western express with Shadows of Brimstone: The Impossible Hell? Take on the role of a group of traveling heroes, looking for their next fortune. But beware.. swarms of HellBats darken the sky...

Ending: 27th July

Launching Soon

Spectral A Deduction Game

Spectral A Deduction Game // Bitewing Games

Find the treasures and beware the specters in this haunted manor board game treasure hunt

As autumn approaches, so does the need for a spooktacular adventure! Perhaps an adventure in an abandoned manor is what I seek?

The race to uncover treasure before midnight is on! Spectral is an upcoming campaign on Kickstater that involves deduction, bidding, betting, bluffing, and push-your-luck risk taking. One to check out for players who enjoy games with a  strong player interaction. So, will you enter the Spectral Manor and seek the legends of vast treasures and unspeakable wealth? 

Launches: Summer 2023


Potions of Azerland

Potions of Azerland // Wraped Reality Games

Forage for resources, brew potions to fulfill visitor requests, or drink for special powers!

Is there anyone else here that loves potion games? 

Potions of Azerland is the very first Kickstarter campaign form Wrapped Reality Games. There still isn't a lot of information out there just yet, but I'm excited to see what  the world of Azerland will bring. 

One to check out for fans of Eurogame, and resource management. 

   Launches: 2023



Bear Mountain Camping Adventure: A Race to the top

Bear Mountain Camping Adventure: A Race to the top // Sweater Bear Games

Embark on a remarkable journey in Bear Mountain Camping Adventure: the ultimate camping board game for 1 to 4 explorers.

Now let's be honest, the British summer hasn't been the brightest this year, so if you have missed out on your annual camping trip (I know I have this year), maybe a camping adventure from the comfort of your own home will be a fantastic plan B. 

Bear Mountain is a camping adventure, where players will collect camping activities, upgrade campers and strategically cross the board to find the coveted Bear Mountain Campsite.

Recommend for players who like deck-building, racing, and resource management. 

Launches: 2023



Alphabet Stoop // Pops & Bejou Games

Alphabet Stoop // Pops & Bejou Games

A turn-based word building game. Deliver your packages before your rival companies to secure your victory!

I'm a huge fan CULTivate, a previous game from Pops and Bejou, and just like their previous kickstarter campaigns, Alphabet Stoop follows the retro aesthetic.

Alphabet Stoop is a word building, tile placement game, where players will take on the role as a parcel delivery person dropping off packages on stoops and using them to spell words. 

If you are a fan of puzzle games, or board games such as Codenames and Alice in Wordland, or First Contact, Alphabet Stoop may just be the next game for you to check out!

Launches: August 1st 2023



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