Kickstarter Inbound

Kickstarter Inbound

Happy Friday dearest acolytes of the most sacred of hobbies we call board gaming. We get to see soooo many fantastic games pass through the Gamesquest warehouses and we are constantly in awe of the innovation and creativity that is alive and well within our community of misfits, vagabonds and strays.

As such, we figured we'd share with you some of the Kickstarter games we are eagerly waiting for. Not all of the below campaigns/publishers will be fulfilled by us at GamesQuest, but as board game fans that happen to have an outlet, why not shout about what we love?

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Hellguard: Curse of Caina // Granite Glyph Publishing Co.

A tabletop roleplaying game of infernal fantasy, complete with five single-night adventures and tools to create others. 

As a wee bit of a "not so in the closet" goth/metal lover, I cannot help but get excited for this one. The Red Master mini is more than enough to lose hours daydreaming over, but there's way more substance here than just pretty demon minis.

Hellgaurd: Curse of Caina has an incredible team behind it, including names such as B. Dave Walters (Dimension 20, LA by Night), Noura Ibrahim (Black Dice Society, LA by Night) and Ed Greenwood (creator of the Forgotten Realms). The Imagery is fantastic and the concept solid and proper engaging. Go love it!

Ends: Tuesday 2nd August


Moon // Sinister Fish Games

A pick & pass base building game for 1-5 players, from the designer & illustrator of Villagers and Streets.

Right so, first of all, Sinister Fish is just the coolest name. Secondly, Moon looks wonderful, as does the Valkyrie expansion which is FREE for every backer! Having absolutely smashed it with Villagers and Streets, we're super excited for this one. 

Ends: Tuesday 2nd August

Dice Throne: Santa VS Krampus // Dice Throne

Two new and original Dice Throne heroes battle in this exciting, accessible stand-alone duelling game. Delivered by Christmas.*

Oh Santa VS Krampus, you had me at hello. If you don't want a battle between jolly ol' saint Nick and a child scaring horned demon, then I'm just not sure we can be friends. This looks like a proper fun Christmas party game that I can't wait to argue with my family over.

Ends: Tuesday 18th July



Launching Soon

Pathfinder Revolution! // Steve Jackson Games

Enter the world of Pathfinder and take control of the city of Korvosa in this new reworking of the legendary game Revolution!

SJG are crowdfunding this new edition and have a single stretch goal that, if unlocked, prints the bid boards and gameboards double-sided. If the stretch goal is unlocked, the game may be played as a three or four player event, or you can flip the bid boards and game board over for the five or six player experience!

Launches: Monday 18th July

Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters // Bona Fide Games

Become a monster hunter in a solo, co-op or competitive action selection adventure game & slay the monsters for a bag of silver coins!

Set in the fantasy realm of Atosia, Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters will make sure to take you on a journey like no other.

Combining a true adventure like feeling with strong eurogames mechanics, Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters offers a unique gaming experience. Bid for your character, starting location and initial resources, while putting your Victory Points on the line. Now you are ready to start your journey.

Launches: Tuesday 19th July

Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt: A 5e Supplement // Monkey DM

A Soulsborne and Lovecraft inspired setting for DnD 5e. Fight Nightmarish Monsters, Survive the Madness, and Join The Hunt!

350+ pages Inspired by Lovecraftian Horror and the Soulsborne franchise, you'll discover a victorian setting crawling with nightmarish monsters, eldritch moons, and the ever-looming threat of madness, which fundamentally alter the world and how players interact with it. 

Launches: Tuesday 19th July

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