GamesQuest Festive Picks 2022

Our Christmas Board Game Picks 2022!

The Christmas season is upon us and we have been getting festive here at GamesQuest HQ! Check out our board game picks for the upcoming festivities that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Whether it's a light-hearted  board game or maybe a murder mystery? Don't worry, we've got covered.

Our Board Gaming Picks for the Festive Season!

The Emerald Flame Post Curious

The Emerald Flame

A Narrative Puzzle Adventure!

The Emerald Flame is a narrative puzzle adventure where players will take on the role of historical expert and embark on a quest to piece together a recipe for a transformative elixir by deciphering messages, interpreting alchemical diagrams, and manipulating mysterious artifacts.  The Emereald Flame includes hours of puzzles with an interwoven narrative packed into a beautifully illustrated tabletop game.

Available Now: Click here


The Light in the Mist Post Curious

Light in the Mist

A  tarot puzzle tale and from the minds behind The Emerald Flame.
When your friend’s mysterious disappearance results in the discovery of an unusual item, you suddenly find yourself embarking on a journey through time. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenges thrown your way without getting lost in the mist?


Available now: Click here


Echidna Shuffle

Echidna Shuffle

A fun, easy and unique pick-up and delivery board game for the whole family!

Players take turns to move the echidna from leaf to leaf picking up their coloured bugs and transporting them around the wandering paths from the collection leaf to the matching coloured stumps. Using the clever dice rolling system everyone uses the same twelve echidna to rescue their bugs, first player to deliver all three bugs home wins. 

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5-Minute Mystery Game

5 Minute Mystery

5-Minute Mystery is a real-time, co-op, mystery game!

The MacGuffin is missing! Work together with your friends to find hidden symbols, piece together clues and arrest a culprit, all in just five minutes! Are you ready to search for clues, find the culprit and crack the case?

Available now: Click here


Awkward Guests Board Game Mystery

Awkward Guests: The Walton Case

A one-of-a-kind, 1-8 player deduction board game. Mr. Walton has been discovered murdered!

To solve a mystery, players will have to interrogate the suspects, question the household staff, examine the crime scene, search for clues around the Walton Mansion, and consult the police reports. You will do all of this while exchanging information with your opponents or hiding it from them. Piece together information and solve who, how and why Mr Walton was murdered? 

Available now: Click here


Fireball Island Board Game

Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar

A  fully restored version of the much-loved 80's classic board game.

Fireball Island is a highly interactive game of press-your-luck, card play, and set collection. Play cards to race across the island. Gather treasures and take snapshots. And, of course, blast your friends with fireballs!

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The Pirate Flag Game

The Pirate's Flag

A dice-rolling, card-playing, capture the flag adventure board game!

Each player takes the role of a Pirate Captain and commands a unique Pirate ship to move through The Serpent's Pass, gathering cards that will help them manipulate dice, modify rolls, and even move other ships! The player who gets the flag off the board into The Dread Sea is the winner!

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