UK & ROW Fulfilment Update - 15th November

UK & ROW Fulfilment Update - 15th November

Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the website! Thank you for finding us for another installment of the UK & ROW Fulfilment Update. 

Big thank you for those that posted questions/comments on last weeks fulfilment updates, we hope you found it useful. Please make sure sure you get your comments in by 9am Thursday morning to get your answers!

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Royal Mail Industrial Action (UK)

Delivery times may be affected due to planned industrial action. This will take place on the 24th and 25th November.

For more information check out the Royal Mail website here.


Tracking Issues

Royal Mail have advised to use their app to track parcels due to ongoing issues with the Royal Mail website.  


Critical Core

We have been made aware of tracking issues regarding UK orders caused by delays in the postal system. We have been informed that tracking has now begun to update on affected orders as of the 7th November 2022.



With that said, let’s get to it…


In Survival of the Fattest you take the role of a cute woodland critter and use your unique tricks and abilities to forage for food and prepare for winter. Stash your food to feed your critter and complete delicious recipes for points and bonuses.

Feed your critter and accumulate the most victory points to be declared the winner! Survival of the Fattest is a mid-weight, family friendly game using deck building, hand management, and set collection to provide a fun and engaging experience for 2-4 players in about an hour!

Survival of the Fattest is now live on Kickstarter! Click here to follow along!



As always, the information below is the best projection we can currently give of our schedule over the next few weeks.

Fully Dispatched


Critical Core // Game to Grow
Ironsworn: Starforged // Absolute Tabletop
*Publisher to reach out to backers regarding missing items. Click here for the Kickstarter update.*
Kinghill // Violet Dragon
Spire's End: Hildegard // Favro Ventures, LLC
Taelmoor // Delve Bros

*Please allow one week to receive a dispatched/tracking email

Fulfilment Underway


Endangered Orphans: House of Rath // Certifiable Studios 
Heroes of Barcadia // Rollacrit 

Final Administrative Checks

A nightmare in Sutradain
 // FAE Games 

Broken Tales
 World Anvil Publishing
Forbidden Psalm: The Last War // Exalted Funeral

Kibbles Compendium // KibblesTasty

Mage Noir
 Double Combo Games

Um, Actually // Wiggles 3D


Project Data Analysis


Dark Venture: Battle of the Ancients // The Gilded Skull

Final Girl Season 2 (Wave 1) // Van Ryder Games

Flabbergasted // The Wanderer's Tomb (on site, not yet started)

Herbalist's Primer // Exalted Funeral
*Standard Edition and/or Limited Edition books to be shipped first. Additional items to follow. Click here for latest Kickstarter update*

Incantations // Metal Weave (on site, not yet started)

G.I. JOE Mission Critical // QML (on site, not yet started)

Legendary Metal Coins: Season 6 // Drawlab Entertainment 
*Additional stock has now arrived and is being checked over.*

Awaiting Project Arrival From Port 


Blade Runner // Free League (awaiting additional stock to arrive)

Mosaic // University Games 


In HE.R.O, you get thrown into your first night shift as a young doctor. You will face a challenging split between performing heroic deeds, avoiding chaos and still trying to get enough sleep. A competitive or cooperative, frantic emergency room simulation by Eely River Games.
HE.R.O is now live on Kickstarter! Click here for the campaign!



Project On The Water/In The Air


Binding of Isaac: Requiem // Maestro Media

Blood and Plunder // Firelock Games LLC

Compatible Playmats // Crafting Kingdoms

Eldfall Chronicles // Freecompany

Europa Universalis: The Price of Power // Aegir Games

Grand Archive TCG // Weebs of the Shore LLC

Loaf Tarot // Floral Frolic

One Deck Galaxy // Asmadi Games, LLC

Owl Plushie // MetalWeave

Power Plants // KTBG

Star Realms Nova // Wise Wizards 

World Breakers: Advent of the Khanate // Sextant Studios

Quest Calenders (2022) // Sundial Games

Future Projects


Aegean RPG // We Evolve

Age of Sails Dice // Terratop Workshop

Alchemy & Poisoncraft // Cabal of Enchantment

Uncharted Lands // 3D Printed Tabletop


Held For Additional Checks


Old School Essentials // Exalted Funeral


So, there it is, we hope it’s been useful to you and you’ve found what you were looking for. If you haven’t, please head over to our customer service page HERE, and if you still can’t find what you’re after, please CONTACT US or drop us a comment below.

Fulfilment Update Headings - What do they mean?
If you would like further information regarding what each header means please click here.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.

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Thank you to everyone who has left a question on this week’s blog. Please keep an eye out for the GamesQuestions video for you answers.

- Team GamesQuest


Any more information as to why Old School Essentials is delayed? The company who made it says it’s ready to start shipping but you say it’s still being held for additional checks.

Richard A

Can you give any info on Eleven seeing as portal are rationing info.

We know there was an additional part being sent to be packed into the pledges but we just want to know if you have the first delivery,both or nothing.


I see no mention of Portal’s Eleven which is very worrying. Do u have any news?

Darell Parkinson

Europa universalis, the price of power. The ship has docked. It’s epic 3+ year journey is soon to end. Now it is with Gamesquest to deliver on the final piece of the chain.
Can they do it before Christmas ? Who knows. But I sure hope they do !


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