Vindication 3.0 Fulfilment Update

Vindication 3.0 Fulfilment Update

Dear Vindication 3.0 Backers 

We are aware of issues regarding a small number of EU orders/pledges. 

Firstly, and importantly, we would like the publicly thank Orange Nebula for their support, understanding, and friendship. This issue is entirely out of their hands and not of their making.  

Secondly, we would like to reassure you that the current issue is affecting an incredibly small number of orders. Currently, there are 13 orders whose tracking is showing as “Held in depot – Customers charges outstanding”. 4 of these are for backers in Sweden, and 9 are for backers in Poland.  

These orders have been sent via a ‘Delivered Duties Paid’ method via Parcelforce, who then pass the order on to a local carrier (GLS etc.) This means that you, the backer, should incur NO customs or duty fees.

If your order is being shown as "'Held', we will contact you with how to proceed.

However, in Poland, any parcel valued over 150 euros require the receiver of the order (you) to act as "Power of Attorney", which essentially means you are taking ownership of the package. This will incur a 5 euro fee which Orange Nebula have kindly offered to refund you. This is a Polish customs requirement and is nothing to do with either us or Orange Nebula.

Our Parcelforce account manager is working with his team to investigate this issue as a matter of priority, including the paperwork that is being demanded. We suspect that, due to the incredibly small number of orders affected, this could be random customs check and in particular Poland which we have had many parcels delivered using the same method.

In the meantime, please keep checking your tracking as when the issue is identified and resolved, orders will begin moving again, which we hope will happen ASAP.  

For context, we have sent 1497 orders which are showing as “Despatched” or “Presented to Carrier” (the stage before despatched), of which 832 have been delivered according to tracking. On average, we would expect an order to arrive roughly 9 days after it was first scanned by a carrier. 

We will provide further updates if necessary, when more information is available.

- Team GamesQuest

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Hi Team,

I’m from Portugal and my order is being held by customs.
I raised a ticket (you can see it here
Please let me know how to proceed.

Thank you.

Egil Silva

Hi there folks,

Thank you for commenting, we’ve spoken to our customer service team regarding your orders:

Jennifer – Can you please raise a ticket with our team as we can’t find any Vindication orders with your name in our system. You can raise a ticket here:

Thanasis – Emma from our customer service team has attempted to reach out to you regarding your order, however we haven’t received a response from you. Can you please check your emails and get back to us. Thank you.

Borys – If there are parts missing from your order we’re afraid you will also need to raising a ticket with customer service so they can organise getting the items out to you. You can raise a ticket here:

Team GamesQuest

Hi Team,

During last kickstarter campaign I supported Blue tier. Later on added Archive of the Ancients.
I have received big box today + Overgrowth but no sign of expansion, sleeves, other promos.

Could you please be so kind to check it?

Backer: Borys Wawrzkiewicz
Backer nr (KS): 311
User id (KS and Crowdox):
Region:EU (Poland)

Best Regards,
Borys Wawrzkiewicz

Borys Wawrzkiewicz

Your numbers are not accurate. I’m one of the backers whose rewards have been held by customs. I’m located in Greece, which (still) is in the EU. You know about my case because you’ve contacted me about paying import taxes. And this happened because you posted my rewards as DDU.
So there are at least 14 cases, one of which is in Greece, not Poland, nor Sweden. I’m amazed and a bit concerned you don’t mention my case, especially after being contacted about it from your customer support agent, Emma. Should I take it this isn’t looked after?

Thanasis Patsios

If I haven’t heard anything from a courier in the UK – what should I do please?
Thank you

Jennifer Stevens

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