Resource: Are you ready to launch?

Resource: Are you ready to launch?

We speak to so (soooo) many aspiring board game publishers, creators and designers, that just can't wait to launch their crowdfunding campaign.
We get the excitement and the anxiousness to show off the months and maybe years of hard work, but are your really ready to launch? The following is is a quick checklist that will hopefully give you an idea of whether you're ready or not.


Ready to launch

Do you have fulfilment logistics in place? 

At the point of being ready to launch your crowdfunding campaign, you should already have your fulfilment logistics in place. Your backers will want to know how you plan on getting your product to them. Make sure you have a good answer! 


Do you have 500 - 1,000 followers?Ready to launch 

This is so often ignored and it can be the death of a campaign. It's so important and we can not state this enough; depending on your goal, we strongly recommend you don’t hit launch until you have at least 500 followers on your chosen crowdfunding platform. Even then, 500 is risky and you may struggle to cross the finishing line. 1,000 should see you hit that fully funded mark, but there are obviously no garuntees with crowdfunding. 


Have you created a media/marketing pack? 

Your campaign will be up against some massive competition, so it’s important for your content to be as professional and engaging as possible. To make sure your campaign stands out, get together a folder of your best assets. Include: 

                  • A one page press release with a synopsis, promotional copy and reviews. 
                  • 5 - 10 strong images of your product including box mock-ups if possible. 
                  • A trailer no longer than 2 minutes.  

ready to launchHave you planned a targeted Ad campaign? 

Organic social media is fantastic, free, and 100% worth doing. However, organic reach is massively declining due to personalised news feeds, and the huge amount of content uploaded daily.  A well planned, structured and targeted ad campaign is the best way to guarantee your product is seen by the audience that is meant to see it.

ready to launchHave you created an email database? 

There are so many online platforms that allow you to create an email database, and send engaging mailouts to your subscribers. These platforms are often free and extremely easy to use.  Maintaining a close relationship with your potential backers is so important, and what better way than popping up in their inbox every now and then. 

Do you have coverage with industry influencers? ready to launch

There are influencers who have dedicated their time to building an audience of loyal followers who will listen to their game reviews for advice on what to back and what to avoid.  Think about reaching out to YouTubers/Instagramers, and bloggers with establised audiences. Many of these will do Kickstarter previews for a fee. 


All ticks, some ticks or no ticks - No problem. 

Whatever stage you’re at, drop us a message at

and we can get you on track for launch day! 



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