Review: Concluzio – by Kate Sylvester

Review: Concluzio – by Kate Sylvester

Concluzio is our new favourite card game!

It is a great card game that requires a process of elimination to discover what your secret card is before your opponents work out theirs! If you like Cluedo and Guess Who, you’ll love this game!

How It Works

Players have five cards plus a secret card with a colour, shape and number on – that they can’t see, but the other players can – and each turn a  player gains clues by showing a card from their hand and asking if it matches their secret card. A simple yes or no from the other players, helps build up the clues until a player declares they have worked it out. Fingers crossed they have or they are eliminated!

Top Tips For Playing Concluzio

We love this game! With a few tweaks, Concluzio is a real family leveller with our 8 year old being able to beat us! The game includes a reference card showing all the possible symbols, colours, and numbers, but we found it really helps to quickly write this out for each player, then tick and cross them out as the clues crop up. The yellow colour is a bit dodgy so we tend to call it lime.

The temptation for kids to look at the secret card in their hand, or accidentally see it, is quite high and once seen it is game over for them. It definitely makes for a better time if you keep your child’s card safely to one side, near you and become the chief ‘yes or no’ caller for them.

There are four optional ability cards that can be played by a player once per game to gain an advantage. Although dealt out randomly, the ‘Second Chance’ card is a good one for your youngest player as it gives them a second chance to declare what their secret card is, having been told which attributes are correct from their first guess.

Final Thoughts

Concluzio is such a brilliant game! It’s great for learning maths at home as it really encourages kids to develop their non-verbal reasoning skills, such as those commonly seen in 11+ style questions. It is perfect to take out and about with you, to a restaurant to keep hunger pangs at bay, or on a journey, and would be fab to take travelling to play with locals and fellow travellers alike.

Would I recommend this game? Absolutely! And already have!



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