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Elzra Corp

Catacombs Cubes: Monuments

Catacombs Cubes: Monuments

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Genre: Fantasy Key Mechanic: Push Your Luck / Dexterity Play Style: 1 vs All
Play Count:
5 - 6
Play Time: 30 - 60 Minutes Age: 14+
Genre Fantasy
Play Count 5 - 6
Key Mechanic Push Your Luck / Dexterity
Play Time 30 - 60 Minutes
Play Style 1 vs All
Age 14+

Catacombs Cubes: Monuments
adds two new two new heroes and expands the maximum number of players in Catacombs Cubes. This expansion also adds new resources, Village Tiles, Park Tiles, Palaces, and more! Requires a copy of Catacombs Cubes to play.

Catacombs Cubes players take on the role of a hero and help build the fantasy town of Stormtryne! Draft resources, which come in the form of uniquely-shaped wooden pieces and neatly stack into different buildings. Players win Victory Points and Coins based on the complexity of the building and placement in the town.

More Info:
Publisher Elzra Corp
Release Date 2020
Publication Third Edition
Language English
Weight 885g
Dimensions 26.5 x 26.5 x 5cm
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