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Panda Cult Games

Shovel Knight 2D

Shovel Knight 2D

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Genre Fantasy
Play Count 1 - 4
Key Mechanic Dice Roller
Play Time 30 - 60 Minutes
Play Style Miniatures 
Age 12+

Shovel Knight 2D
 is a side-scrolling, miniatures board game based on the popular video game where players venture into a dangerous dungeon filled with enemies and traps themed to one of the infamous members from the Order of No-Quarter competing against rival Knights for treasure. players roll dice to defeat enemies, dig up dirt, finding dropped gold and powerful one-shot items (Relics). Exchange equipment for treasure with the merchant Chester. If defeated by enemies or into a spiked pit you lose half of your treasure and are spawned back into the game the following round. The final round consists of the boss challenge and knights will lose gold as they are hit by the boss. Whichever player has the most treasure at the end of the dungeon is the winner.

Shovel Knight is  in keeping with the original video game the modular board of the dungeon scrolls to the left and evolves every round so keeping up is imperative. We love the artwork and the scrolling board, the shoving and the shovelling, all of which culminate in a fast paced, thoroughly engaging game that will be enjoyed time after time. The game also comes in a 3D version which should be in every games library and there are many exciting expansions to purchase as well.

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More Info:
Publisher Panda Cult Games
Release Date August 2021
Publication First Edition
Language English
Weight 2,699g
Dimensions 29.2 x 29.2 x 9cm
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