EU Fulfilment Update - 23rd May

EU Fulfilment Update - 23rd May

Greetings one and all, and welcome back to website! Thank you for finding us for another installment of the EU Fulfilment Update. If you are located in either Switzerland or Norway, please check the UK & ROW blog for your blog updates.  

Anyhow, just a reminder that any questions left will be answered on a Friday over on GamesQuestions. If you have any questions make sure to get them in by 9am Thursday Morning. 

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Customer Service Update:

We are currently receiving a high number of support tickets. Our team is working incredibly hard to guarantee that all customer inquiries are answered. The current response time is now 18 working days. We would like to apologies the delay and for any inconvenience caused.

Please be aware: Due to the way our system works, when you reply to your own ticket it reduced its priority. Please do not respond to your support ticket to avoid further delays.

The Isofarian Guard
Fulfilment for The Isofarian Guard is still currently on-going. We apologise for the technical error that occurred on the 15th May, where backers received a dispatch email that contained an incorrect tracking link. Backers for The Isofarian Guard will have now received an additional email with the correct tracking information.
For further information, please click here

Vampire: The Masquerade - CHAPTERS
As backers may be aware, the expected start date for Vampire: The Masquerade was originally scheduled for 18th May, and was planned to start after the completion of Vindication. This is still planned to begin as soon as Vindication has completed.

We are also aware of the recent misunderstanding that arose when it was reported in this week's episode of GamesQuestions that work on the packaging for Vampire: The Masquerade was still in progress as opposed to the previous week, when it was indicated that the packaging had already been approved. This was a communication error and apologies for the confusion caused. Vampire: The Masquerade is still categorised as Project Data Analysis whilst we make the necessary amendments to the packaging.

As we constantly strive to be as transparent as possible, we will continue to offer updates. We recognise the inconvenience and frustration that delays may bring. However, we would like to remind backers to be kind when interacting with staff members.


With that said, let’s get to it…



As always, the information below is the best projection we can currently give of our schedule over the next few weeks.


Fully Dispatched

Beast // Studio Midhall

*Please allow one week to receive a dispatched/tracking email.

Fulfilment Underway


Binding of Isaac: Requiem // Maestro Media  
Blood and Plunder // Firelock Games LLC
Compatible Playmats // Crafting Kingdoms 
Forbidden Lands RPG - Book of Beasts and the Bloodmarch // Free League
Kapow // Wise Wizards
Library Labyrinth // Dissent Games
Star Realms Nova // Wise Wizards 
The Isofarian Guard // Sky Kingdom
Thunder Road: Vendetta // QML Restoration Games
Union Stockyards // Solid Rock Games
Vindication 3.0 // Orange Nebula
What's on the Menu // Boiling Point


Final Administrative Checks

Escape from Stalingdrad Z // Raybox Games


Project Data Analysis

Cognitive Drawing
 // Coffee Table Comics 

Gift of Tulips (Wave 2) // Weird Giraffe

Heroes and Hardships Core Rulebook // Earl of Fife

Owl Plushie (Wave 2) // Metal Weave

Shadow Network // Talon Strikes

Top Pop // Talon Strikes

Vampire: The Masquerade - CHAPTERS // Flyos


Awaiting Project Arrival From Port 


Majesty of Dragons // Dragolisco 

Project On The Water/In The Air

// Van Ryder Games

Hull Breach // Anodyne Printware

Kingdoms Rise and Fall // Garloc Games

League of Dungeoneers // Von Braus Publishing

Miniac // Miniac

Race! Formula 90 // Gotha Games

Sorcery: Contested Realm // Erik Curiosa

Tales From The Red Dragon Inn // Slugfest

The Griffon's Saddlebag, Book Two // The Griffon's Saddlebag

Future Projects


Legends of Void // Twoid


Held For Additional Checks



So, there it is, we hope it’s been useful to you and you’ve found what you were looking for. If you haven’t, please head over to our customer service page HERE, and if you still can’t find what you’re after, please CONTACT US or drop us a comment below.

Fulfilment Update Headings - What do they mean?

If you would like further information regarding what each header means please click here.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.

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I couldn’t have said it better myself!
Also, just waiting for todays “answers” to the VtM Situation… Willing to bet my last doughnut that this is just going to be a retread of this latest update and no real info or schedule be given… “apologies all around”
GamesQuest are ENTIRELY at fault here. There’s no version of this where GamesQuest didn’t drop the ball on this one.
Logistics ARE complicated, we all agree on that. It isn’t a simple job, and that’s why there are companies specialized in these instances, but somehow I guess GamesQuest missed that memo…


This isn’t so much a gripe at the constant delays around the games release, I think we’re all mature enough to accept that COVID and Chinese new year played a massive part in the delay of chapters (and undoubtedly, many other things). However, this is to do with the boats landing in Southampton a while ago, and our cargo being shelved whilst GQ catches up.

No one is saying this is a scam, that GQ isn’t losing out by having storage taken up. But this isn’t a ‘last hurdle’ of a delayed title, it is a logistics mistake made solely by GQ. You claim transparency but “project data analysis” is not being transparent, what does that mean, what does that translate to in context of getting items listed, packaged and sent out? Let’s not overlook the fact American and Australian distribution has already started to occur, with deliveries already being completed. At what point, in your mind, does this become a GQ logistics issue?

I have made sarcastic remarks in the past both here, and on Facebook about the simplicity of putting boxes into other boxes, I’m fully aware it is not that simple, but when you drop the ball, you need to account yourself.

Now, you may be a paid for comment, or an employee trying to save the company face, or you may genuinely be happy to wait an indefinite amount of time. Good, that’s probably a very healthy fung shi attitude to have. Many of us aren’t, many of us what answers. Hell we’re not even demanding the game be sent out if it’s not ready, we just want actual transparency, with at best estimates of fulfillment. Does that really sound unreasonable to you?


As a backer of 2 games on this list, Thunder Road and Chapters, I get peoples upset, especially when some time has passed since we backed the project. However to blame GQ for the last hurdle seems a bit much. Everyone wants to get their copy, and there is no good reason why a business would store these games rather than distribute, since storage burns money. One assumes they will only be paid on completion of the project, so again no sense in delaying distribution.

However a poor distribution because checks were rushed is just going to cost money, get it right first time is the best way.

It feels slow because they are transparent in showing they have the project to in their pipeline. The alternative is that they don’t say anything at all, and then no-one knows anything.

I prefer this method


Come on everyone, how could you be so mean and critique GamesQuest over their handling of vtm, they obviously do a tremendous job at storing the game somewhere and preventing us from receiving it at an inopportune timeframe i.e. Summer. Autumn/Winter is much better anyways to play boardgames. I’m sure they have only our best interest and our health in mind, forcing us go out more in the summer, getting some sun instead of being at home playing boardgames.

And, before we forget: Vindication has to be fulfilled beforehand, that is simply whats best for everyone, how dare you thinking that one could fulfil multiple projects simultaneously, what an odd thought and unfair demand.

Following their logic we should be grateful and definitely stopp complaining, since it is really very mean, pointing out obvious mistakes, again and again.

Annoyed Vtm Backer

Absolutely love Weekly updates are awesome (even when we dont like what they say! Send my game! hehe). You guys are consistent and informative. MILES better than waiting for developers – Thanks!


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