UK & ROW Fulfilment Update - 23rd August

UK & ROW Fulfilment Update - 23rd August

Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the website! Thank you for finding us for another instalment of the UK & ROW Fulfilment Update. 

Big thank you for those that posted questions/comments on last weeks fulfilment updates, we hope you found it useful. Please make sure sure you get your comments in by 9am Thursday morning to get your answers!

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Felixstowe Port Strike Action

The eight-day planned strike at Felixstowe has now gone ahead and will continue until the 29th August. Our team is monitoring the situation closely and we will update on the situation as it progresses. For more information please check out our blog post here.

Please note that the information on the blog is subject to change and we will follow up with more accurate information once we are able to do so.


With that said, let’s get to it…


As always, the information below is the best projection we can currently give of our schedule over the next few weeks.

Fully Dispatched


Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: ANNIHILAGEDDON 2 // Cryptozoic Entertainment
Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid: Time Force // QML 
Sheol // Lunar Oak Studio
V-Sabotage // Triton Noir

*Please allow one week to receive a dispatched/tracking email

Fulfilment Underway


Mind Bug // Nerd Lab (German Card Replacements to be Dispatched)
North Guard // Open Sesame 
Practical GM Guide // Geeks Table
Thunder Rolls // Mr B Games

Final Administrative Checks

Legendary Metal Coins: Season 6 
// Drawlab Entertainment

Project Data Analysis


Awkward Card Game // Snap Finger Click

Forbidden Psalm: The Last War // Exalted Funeral

Old School Essentials // Exalted Funeral

The Herbal Journal // Sarsen Games

Awaiting Project Arrival From Port 

Castles of Mad King Ludwig 
// QML

 CY BORG // Free League 

Dog Park // Birdwood Games

Heroes of Barcadia // Rollacrit

The War Room // Nightingale Games LLC

Project On The Water/In The Air

1815, Scum of the Earth
// Hall or Nothing Productions

Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent // Warchief Gaming

Blade Runner // Free League 

Chronicles of Drunagor // Creative Game Studio

Grand Archive TCG // Weebs of the Shore LLC

Hamsters vs Hippos // Tin Robot Games

Ironsworn: Starforged // Absolute Tabletop

Kibbles Compendium // KibblesTasty

Owl Plushie // MetalWeave

Spire's End: Hildegard // Favro Ventures, LLC

Viking Raiders Card Game // Neowulf Games

Um, Actually // Wiggles 3D

Future Projects

A nightmare in Sutradain
 // FAE Games

Aegean RPG // We Evolve

Age of Sails Dice // Terratop Workshop

Alchemy & Poisoncraft // Cabal of Enchantment

Blood and Plunder // Firelock Games LLC

Compatible Playmats // Crafting Kingdoms

Critical Core // Game to Grow

Europa Universalis: The Price of Power // Aegir Games

Uncharted Lands // 3D Printed Tabletop

Held For Additional Checks

Herbalist's Primer 
// Exalted Funeral (Awaiting Additional Stock - Please check the Kickstarter page for more details.)


So, there it is, we hope it’s been useful to you and you’ve found what you were looking for. If you haven’t, please head over to our customer service page HERE, and if you still can’t find what you’re after, please CONTACT US or drop us a comment below.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.

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My Sheol order has been shipped to my old address thanks to the old backer list mess up. Could you provide an update on what is being done to resolve this issue?


What are you doing to fix the problem with Sheol pledges? You used an old backer list and people who pledge transferred and paid 2 months ago (including myself) haven’t received anything even though you have this listed as “Fully Complete” and our copies have been sent out to people who have received refunds…


Hi There, you mentioned in your blog about the Felixstowe strike that Everdell Complete Collection would be affected as it had an estimated arrival of 28/8. There’s been no further mention since on any update. Can you confirm if this massively hyped Kickstarter will shortly be sitting at Felixstowe waiting to be unloaded, as that would be super exciting!


For the games like Heroes of Barcardia that are Awaiting Project Arrival From Port, does the strike action mean nothing will happen with these until the 29th, or have the arrived just in time?


Hi, is there any solid update on Legendary Metal Coins: Season 6, so I can pass onto the Kickstarter community?


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