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Channel WON

Channel WON

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Genre Lifestyle/Modern
Play Count 2 - 6
Key Mechanic Hand Management/Card Drafting
Play Time 30 - 60 Minutes
Play Style Social 
Age 14+

Channel WON
 is the semi-cooperative card game of reporting news stories. Resort to anything to report everything! Channel WON News has decided to put their reporters to the test in a one-day, all-out showdown to see who is the best reporter to land the job of prime time news anchor! Your goal is to travel the city, gather resources, and help report the best news stories of the day.

Channel WON is played over three rounds, Morning, Evening, and Nightly news. In each round, players work together to add location visits and sources to each lead in the day's line-ups in order to report stories revealed to them by the station head Myra Porters.  Are you ready to build up your rating while discrediting your opponents? Will you be the newest anchor for Channel WON? From the creators of CULTivate. 

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More Info:
Publisher Pops & Bejou Games
Release Date 2023
Publication First Edition
Language English
Weight 750g
Dimensions 24.5 x 14.5 x 6cm

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