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Gangly Games

Gangs of Britannia

Gangs of Britannia

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Genre Historical
Play Count 3 - 5
Key Mechanic Worker Placement, Negotiation
Play Time 45 - 70 Minutes
Play Style Area Control


Gangs of Britannia 
is 3-5 player gangster game. Take the role as one of Britain's five most notorious historical gangs and compete for dominance over the major cities. Spread your mobs, collect pay-outs, and use secret intelligence to advance your influence. Alliances will be tested as players have to decide to honour or betray other gangs. The gang with the most influence throughout Britain is the winner.

Gangs of Britannia is a quick and easy game to learn with high levels of player and   interaction. The game incorporates a unique Prisoner's Dilemma mechanic, secret information and tactically placing your mobs to strengthen your hold over five British cities.

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More Info:
Publisher Gangly Games
Release Date 2018
Publication First Edition
Language English
Weight 1090g
Dimensions 22.5 x 22.5 x 6.5cm
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