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Snap Ships LLC

Snap Ships Tactics: Starter Box

Snap Ships Tactics: Starter Box

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Genre Sci-Fi
Play Count 1 - 4
Key Mechanic Dice Rolling,Measurement Movement 
Play Time 45 Minutes
Play Style Miniatures, PVP Combat
Age 14+

Snap Ships Tactics
 is a strategic miniatures battle game you play with modular, fully customizable ship models. Build custom modular spacecraft and battle with them in versus, co-op, or solo play! Each player constructs a squadron of ships and commands them in tactical combat over a series of rounds. Destroy your opponent’s squadron to win - then build new ships and battle again.

Snap Ship Tactics is based on the award-winning Snap Ships toyline with its unique connection system. The models are quick-to-build and the resulting creations look like one-of-a-kind miniatures. Over 100 detailed plastic pieces. The parts you choose matter, adding unique actions to your ship’s control panel.

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More Info:
Publisher Snap Ships LLC
Release Date 2023
Publication First Edition
Language English
Weight 1,786g
Dimensions 29.5 x 29.5 x 10.2cm
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