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Nord Games LLC

Treacherous Traps

Treacherous Traps

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Genre Fantasy
Play Count Varies
Key Mechanic Accessory
Play Time Varies
Play Style RPG
Age 12+

Treacherous Traps 
is the ultimate resource for creating and using traps in your 5th Edition games! Along with the tips and tricks for using traps, puzzles, and riddles in your fantasy games, Treacherous Traps is the perfect accessory for any dungeon architect!

Treacherous Traps contains two hundred and fifty pre-built traps ranging in level and severity so that you can always find the perfect trap for your party. Also includes  random trap generator, consisting of 50 trap triggers and 50 trap effects that, when combined, create up to 2,500 different combinations. Click here to view the complete collection. 

More Info:
Publisher Nord Games LLC
Release Date July 2020
Publication First Edition
Language English
Weight 1,361g
Dimensions 22.5 x 28 x 2.8cm
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