Wandering Monsters Decks - Underground (5E)


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Genre: Fantasy Key Mechanic: Accessory Play Style: RPG
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Varies Play Time: Varies Age: 12+

Wandering Monsters Decks 
are an excellent addition to any Game Master’s Toolbox. Each deck is full of monsters that fit a particular environment in your tabletop role playing game. Each card is themed with flavor text along the top and three to five possible encounters, offering a range of challenge rating options. The flavor text is there to set the scene, and every possible encounter has been carefully crafted to make sense within that scene. If there are multiple creatures, it makes sense that they would be together and in that particular environment. Order your monster decks for your fantasy role playing games today.

Wandering Monsters Decks are available in different decks that include: Dungeon, Wilderlands, Waterways, and Underground variations so that you can add excitement to all of your fantasy worlds. ch deck contains 52 cards and they’re designed to be used while playing 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, so each possible encounter references a page from the 5E core bestiary.

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Publisher: Nord Games LLC Publication: First Edition Weight: 102g
Release Date:
February 2018 Language:
English Dimensions: 6.5 x 9 x 2cm