EU Fulfilment Update - 30th August

EU Fulfilment Update - 30th August

Greetings one and all, and welcome back to the new website! Thank you for finding us for another installment of the EU Fulfilment Update. If you are located in either Switzerland or Norway, please check the UK & ROW blog for your blog updates.  

It was great to see some questions over on last weeks update. Anyhow, just a reminder that any questions left will be answered on a Thursday over on GamesQuestions. If you have any questions make sure to get them in by 9am Thursday Morning. 

Keep an eye on our social channels for fulfilment updates and news.    



With that said, let’s get to it…



Fully Dispatched

Pieces of Masters // Senine co Ltd.
Vaesen Mythic Britain // Free League 

*Please allow one week to receive a dispatched/tracking email

Fulfilment Underway

Practical GM Guide // Geeks Table

Final Administrative Checks


Dog Park // Birdwood Games

Project Data Analysis


Forbidden Sun // Exalted Funeral

Old School Essentials // Exalted Funeral

Awaiting Project Arrival From Port 


Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid: Time Force // QML 

Project On The Water/In The Air


1815, Scum of the Earth // Hall or Nothing Productions

Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent // Warchief Gaming

Blade Runner // Free League

Critical Core // Game to Grow

Chronicles of Drunagor // Creative Game Studio

CY_BORG // Free League 

Grand Archive TCG // Weebs of the Shore LLC

Heroes of Barcadia // Rollacrit

Kibbles Compendium // KibblesTasty

Sheol // Lunar Oak Studio

The One Ring // Free League

Viking Raiders Card Game // Neowulf Games

Future Projects


Blood and Plunder // Firelock Games LLC

Compatible Playmats // Crafting Kingdoms

Europa Universalis: The Price of Power // Aegir Games

Legends of Void // Twoid

Held For Additional Checks

Herbalist's Primer 
// Exalted Funeral (Awaiting Additional Stock - Check the Kickstarter page for further details)


So, there it is, we hope it’s been useful to you and you’ve found what you were looking for. If you haven’t, please head over to our customer service page HERE, and if you still can’t find what you’re after, please CONTACT US or drop us a comment below.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.

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It would be very nice if we could get the name of the new EU vesselship that is transporting Sheol.


To: Martin
(from Lunar Oak Studio update #65)
On August 10th ShipQuest was informed that the boat would no longer be going to Hamburg and offloading all stock heading that way in Rotterdam. They were informed of the two options:
1) Have the container put onto another vessel that would go to Hamburg on Aug 25th, arrive Sept 5th OR go on Aug 28th, arrive Sept 12th.
2) Have the container moved via road freight instead (no ETA plus additional costs).
Shipquest chose option 1) arrival Sept 12th.

Hope this helps.


and Details for SHEOL? Estimated arrival should‘ve been 16th August. Lunar Oak does not provide any News/infos and people on posted that their order status changed to „shipped“.


What’s the ETA for Dogpark for London please?

Pippa Granger

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