EU Fulfilment Update - 4th July

EU Fulfilment Update - 4th July

Greetings one and all, and welcome back to GamesQuest crowdfunding fulfilment update! Thank you for finding us for another installment of the EU Fulfilment Update. If you are located in either Switzerland or Norway, please check the UK & ROW blog for your blog updates.  


We're sorry to say that GamesQuestions wont be returning for the foreseeable future. We will attempt to answer the comments and questions in the comments section below.

Customer Service Update:

We are currently receiving a high number of support tickets. Our team is working incredibly hard to guarantee that all customer inquiries are answered. The current response time is now 18 working days. We would like to apologies the delay and for any inconvenience caused.

A record number of support tickets have been received, which has caused the delay. If this negatively impacted your interaction with us on this occasion, we sincerely apologise. We are happy to inform that our brand-new customer service representatives are on board and ready to help backers with their inquiries.

Although we continue to receive a large number of support tickets each week, we anticipate that the wait time will soon start to shorten. We appreciate everybody's patience during this extremely busy period.

Please be aware: Due to the way our system works, when you reply to your own ticket it reduces its priority. Please do not respond to your support ticket to avoid further delays.


Vampire: The Masquerade - CHAPTERS 

We have been in on-going communication with Flyos in relation to several reports of Vampire: The Masquerade - CHAPTERS facing issues at German customs. For orders affected, Parcelforce and GLS will be holding onto the parcels whilst we actively resolve the situation, working alongside the publisher.

For further information, please see the latest update via the Vampire: The Masquerade - CHAPTERS Facebook group. In the meantime, we recommend keeping an eye out for updates via the publisher. However, we will continue to post updates on our weekly fulfilment blog when necessary. Please know that we see your comments, understand your concerns and would like to thank you for your patience.

- Team GamesQuest



With that said, let’s get to it…


Snow White and the Widow Queen places our iconic character at the beginning of a series of eight upcoming Fairy Tales that will speak to each other and harmonize in surprising ways. With Snow White and the Widow Queen, Symbolic World Press are doing something that is both strange and imaginative but also very dear and familiar. 

Snow White and the Widow Queen is ending soon on Kickstarter! Click here to follow along!



As always, the information below is the best projection we can currently give of our schedule over the next few weeks.


Fully Dispatched

*Please allow one week to receive a dispatched/tracking email.

Cognitive Drawing // Coffee Table Comics
Escape from Stalingdrad Z // Raybox Games
Owl Plushie (Wave 2) // Metal Weave
Shadow Network // Talon Strikes
Top Pop // Talon Strikes

Fulfilment Underway


Binding of Isaac: Requiem // Maestro Media  
Compatible Playmats // Crafting Kingdoms 
Kapow // Wise Wizards
Majesty of Dragons // Dragolisco 
Raiders of the Serpent Sea // Runic Tales
Sorcery: Contested Realm // Erik Curiosa
Star Realms Nova // Wise Wizards 
Vampire: The Masquerade - CHAPTERS // Flyos (English language editions)
Vindication 3.0 // Orange Nebula


Final Administrative Checks

2070 // Van Ryder Games

Vampire: The Masquerade - CHAPTERS // Flyos (Non-English language editions)


Project Data Analysis

Copperforge // Slug Fest Games 

Gift of Tulips (Wave 2) // Weird Giraffe

Hull Breach // Anodyne Printware

League of Dungeoneers // Von Braus Publishing

The Search for Lost Species // QML Renegade


Awaiting Project Arrival From Port 

Drakar och Demoner // Free League 

Moon // Sinister Fish Games

Race! Formula 90
 // Gotha Games

RPG Encounter Toolboxes - The Veiled Dungeon & The Long Road // Loke Battle Mats

Tales From The Red Dragon Inn
 // Slugfest


Project On The Water/In The Air

// Lowen Games, LLC

Kingdoms Rise and Fall
// Garlock Games

Miniac // Miniac

Robot Quest Odyssey // Wise Wizard Games

The Artemis Odyssey // Grand Gamers Guild

The Griffon's Saddlebag, Book Two // The Griffon's Saddlebag

Unition // Lumohedron

Future Projects


Legends of Void // Twoid


Held For Additional Checks



So, there it is, we hope it’s been useful to you and you’ve found what you were looking for. If you haven’t, please head over to our customer service page HERE, and if you still can’t find what you’re after, please CONTACT US or drop us a comment below.

Fulfilment Update Headings - What do they mean?

If you would like further information regarding what each header means please click here.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.

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I’ve contacted GLS regarding the issue of parcels being stuck in Neuenstein and they said that the sending party, someone called “GamesQuest” failed to provide the relevant documents. So, I imagine its the same for all other holdups that GamesQuest needs to to get in touch with customs and provide the correct paperwork for the packages to be cleared for customs. GLS told me, as long as this does not happen, nothing will be send out.

@Team GamesQuest could you just fix the paperwork please, the wait has been way too long. With the recent changes in customs it is understandable that something can go wrong, however, what is from my point of view, not understanable is that you are not fixing the issue as quick as possible to show that one can mess up but fix it as well – quick and decisively. At least from what I’ve learned that is what makes the difference. Currently it seems, from the outside, as if you would just stick you head in the sand, which is the worst possible outlook.

Vtm Backer still waiting

Hello, regarding Vampire Chapters (non english language), I see the status (Final Administrative Checks) has not changed. Can you confirm that you recieved the game in your EU facilities, as claimed by the publisher ?
Also, the link to your fulfillment update statuses description page seems broken. It would be helpful to fix it, I think.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

Itai Perez

+1 what the previous comment said

Vtm Backer

Can you explain why Star Realms Nova is now listed for over 5 months on the Fulfilment Underway list? Don’t you have enough stock to fulfill all pending orders?


“For orders affected, Parcelforce and GLS will be holding onto the parcels whilst we actively resolve the situation, working alongside the publisher.”
Okay and when can we expect the issue to be solved?? I am in constant contact with GLS to check up on the Parcel and all the say is “Wrong customs declaration”. So how hard can it be to file the proper paperwork for customs? Yes its EU but you also had lots of time (as Brexit wasnt yesterday).
So again my question: Who screwed up the declaration and when will this be solved?!
Please… it is NOT THAT HARD to give proper Information!

VtM Backer

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